Accessing the Hub on Wheels,Crutches, or other Technologies!

Boots,Shoes,Flippers,Hands and Other such items and or Appendages as well!

Are you a wheelchair user who has phoned a place of business seeking it's accessiblity status only to have been told something vague such as "Yes. It's handicap accessible here, but there are stairs." ? Have you ever been told that a place is not accessible but, in reality, it is? Yes??? I thought so.

Perhaps you use crutches and have been told that a place is accessible for you but,after you got there, you had to walk half a mile on rain soaked,leaf covered, slate to get to your final destination.

This web site is for you.

Maybe your disability is not obvious. You have a heart condition or other condition that affects your stamina or balance. This is your site too.

On this site, we do our best to document our wanderings about the Boston area as we review the local parks and businesses in terms of their true accessiblilty status. Please bear with us while we are under construction. Our website is brand new. Eventually we will set the site up so that visitors to the site may post their own personal reviews of local establishments.Enjoy!!!

I. This is a quick review of the accessiblity of the Condon Shell at Mystic River Park in Medford.

Medford Condon Shell

2501 Mystic Valley Parkway

Medford, MA 02155

The parking lot sports four accessible spots, two of which are van accessible. The curb cut is very low and easy to use. The walkways vary between hard surface and hard packed gravel. It is easy to push a manual on the hard packed gravel despite the fact that it is gravel.

There is a public boat ramp where you can launch a kayak or canoe. There is a hard top ramp that leads down to the water's edge. It is wide enough for a wheelchair.

II. This is a quick reveiw of Toscaninis in Cambridge.

Central Square
899 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Unfortunately, this location is just not wheelchair accessible at all. There are stairs to get in, and no elevator, ramp, or alternate entrance. Also, parking is quite difficult- it's street parking, and it's Central Square, so you have to luck out in order to get a spot.

III. This was our experience at Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond
7 Mystic View Road
Everett, MA 02149

The parking is fine, it's got the number of HP parking spots you would expect. Getting in the door is no problem- it's an automatic door and you just go right in. Once in there is another thing. A lot of the aisles (if you want to call them that) are a pretty tight squeeze. I managed to get around a poke around at stuff without bumping into things or knocking things over, but if you had a bigger, more unweildy chair or a power chair, or if you just were not very adept at maneuvering, you could have some issues. Another issue I had was that this was mid-May, a very hot day, and they did not have their air conditioning on yet. Although it didn't feel hot in the store, it was very stuffy. Also, the fluorescent lighting had me feeling a bit queasy after a few minutes. '

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